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November 2017 eNewsletter

Eat, Drink & Be Merry
I am looking forward to seeing quite a few of you at the Island Getaways 20th Anniversary reception this weekend. It will be FUN! It’s not too late, if you would still like to join us. I would rather you attend, if possible, since I don’t expect to be holding another live event any time soon.

image courtesy of HAL

My Gift to You
Q: But Jacintha, we are NOT in Sacramento, what about us?
If you are not available or are not in the local area, please see the gift certificate below.
Email me to get the related information & giveaways.

The More the Merrier
I started the company with the vision of customized special interest small group travel. Both my guest collegeaues & I can speak to the benefits of small group travel. As a member of the OASIS National Network affiliated with the Signature Travel Network, I am well connected & have access to hundreds of group tours & cruises with group rates & bonuses. You can be added to an existing group or form your own with invited friends.

Farewell Group Dinner with author Tama Kieves. Do you see yourself?

As we all enter the holiday season & gather together in gratitude & celebration, start thinking ahead. Where you would like to go & what you would like to experience in 2018? Open up a conversation with family & friends about traveling together in the New Year. Then contact me to discuss some exciting possibilities

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why should I/we consider Group Getaways?
A: 5 Advantages to Group Travel
1) Social & FUN. Share new adventures & even make new friends.
2) Customizable. Itineraries can include major sights & special interests.
3) Savings. Group rates & bonuses save you time, money & add value.
4) Insight. A knowledgeable guide is your key to local experiences.
5) Just Show Up! It’s preplanned & the details are taken care of.
(p.s. I travel in small groups myself for precisely these reasons!)

A resident tour director, an expert at your side. Image courtesy of A&K.

Food for Thought
Q: Q: Aren’t group trips fairly large & generic?
A: Modern group travel is nothing like your parents’ whirlwind motor coach tour through multiple countries in record time. As you know, I am very serious about travel and very client-focused & experience–focused. I strongly recommend tailored travel for small groups & individuals because the flexibility creates a better overall experience & higher value for you.

Bicycle Tour in Europe. Image courtesy of AMA.

There are many different types of groups & trips.
Here are just a few examples to consider.
1) Family Vacations & Reunions
2) Active Lifestyle – walking, hiking, trekking, bicycling, kayaking, etc.
3) Special Interests –spa/wellness, gourmet/culinary, cultural arts, etc.
4) Special Occasion – milestone birthday, anniversary, retirement
5) Safaris & Expeditions
6) Faith Based Travel – Holy Land, Pilgrimage & Jewish Heritage Tours
7) College Alumni Groups
8) Clubs & Associations
9) Corporate Retreats
10) Veterans Reunion Tours

Wildlife Safari, image courtesy of AMA

When Less is More
Just as I recommend going as smaller with cruises, the same is true for group travel. Generally, a decrease in ship size tends to be an increase in quality. There is an obvious difference between a ship with 2- 3 thousand passengers versus one with 2-3 hundred. Similarly, a large group of 50 offers a different experience from a small group of 12-16 travelers.
If you have been on any of my Island Getaways Adventures, Voyages or Wellness Retreats, you know they are all based on this concept.

Going Solo
Q: Do you offer any getaways for single travelers?
A: In the last 3 months, I have arranged Dolo Journeys for 3 different single (female) travelers to Italy in Aug, the Cook Islands in Sept & Jamaica in Oct. Depending on the destination, I might recommend joining a group for safety reasons & the benefits of traveling with a tour director & the companionship of other travelers.

2 Island Getaways travelers shared a fave photo from their recent solo journeys.

Misha shared a fave beach photo from her Cook Islands Solo Getaway

Q: Do any tours or cruise have single accommodations and/or rates?
A: Yes! This has been a change in recent years. Cruise ships are being built or retrofitted with designated singe cabins at special user-friendly single rates. Tours have single rooms with single rates so you don’t have to share with a stranger. And some destinations are just more budget friendly for solo travelers.

Princetta shared a photo of her suite with a view from her Jamaica Solo Getaway

New & Improved
Check out my newly redesigned mobile friendly website. Let me know what you think!

What’s you perfect paradise? photo: Jacintha Perera

Memory Lane
The Wright-Vastine Family group shared a couple of photos from their recent 12 night Hawaii cruise.

Alene, Sandra & Marian enjoying a traditional luau in the port of Lahaina, Maui.


Tharon & Shane traveling incognito, avoiding the papparazzi on the beaches of Maui.

Happy Thanksgiving

THANK YOU for your continued business. I look forward to working with you in 2018.
My office will be closed Wed Nov 22 – Fri Nov 24. I will be back on Mon Nov 27.

Jacintha Perera, ACC, MCC
20th Anniversary: 1997-2017
International Destination Specialist
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