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December 2017 eNewsletter / The Precious Present

Happy Holidays
Did you know that Santa delivers gifts to children on board cruise ships?

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The Precious Present
adj. to be present, at hand
noun. the present time, a gift
verb. to offer, extend

December is a month of celebration & reflection. A time to be present with others & offer your company, share your sentiments & perhaps exchange gifts. A time for tradition & remembrance – cherishing memories & creating new ones.

THANK YOU for being a part of the Island Getaways company history & success.
It was lovely to be present with so many of you at the event on Nov 12 in Sacramento.

In case you didn’t see my Gift Certificate in the November newsletter, here it is again.
The Redemption Deadline has been extended to December 15th on the bonuses below.

The Sweet Spot
Are you math savvy? I am a Numbers Gal. And I work with it every day.
I am skilled at finding the point where high quality + lean pricing meet.
I know exactly which combination will give you the most value for the cost.

Q: Are the group rates really that much better?
A: Yes. As the “Queen of Group Rates”, I can attest to that.
• Privately contracted group rates offer some of the best pricing.
• They are advance rates based on significant volume discounts.
• They are considered confidential & offered by private invitation.
• They often cannot be advertised as they are lower than public rates.

If you have been on one of my Wellness Retreats, you are aware of the tremendous savings.
Take a look at the 2 Current Promotions below. Group Rates on the Tahiti Cruises.

Say Yes to New Adventures
Paradise Found. Tahiti aka French Polynesia in the South Pacific is a Bucket List or Trip of a Lifetime for most world travelers. I promised I would offer Tahiti for my company’s 20th Anniversary. As I told attendees at the event, my husband & I did a Paul Gauguin Cruise Tour (Option A below, a 7 night cruise with both a pre + post land stay) for our 20th Anniversary (now over 10 years ago) & we would go again in a minute! For our (2nd) return trip, I would choose a longer 10, 11 or 14 night cruise to other islands.
p.s. you don’t need a special occasion as an excuse.

Tahiti Overwater Bungalows photo (c) Jacintha Perera

Wonder why I keep returning there?
• It is one of the most stunningly gorgeous places on the planet.
• The pictures don’t do justice to its surreal beauty.
• A relaxing getaway with opportunities to be active.
• It is a friendly, welcoming & safe destination.
• It defies description & has to be experienced.

image courtesy of Tahiti Tourism

A Tahiti Cruise is a seamless & cost-effective way to visit multiple islands in one trip!
Rolf from Paul Gauguin Cruises took us on a virtual cruise tour through the South Seas.

image courtesy of PGC


Why the m/s Paul Gauguin?

• Intimate – small & yacht-like, specially built to carry 300 passengers through Tahiti
• Luxurious – 5 star, award winning, offering fine dining & know for exceptional service
• Inclusive – all meals, beverages room service, watersports & gratuities are included

image courtesy of PGC

Sweetheart Deals
I am offering 2 Group Getaways in Fall 2018:
Option A / Oct 20-Nov 3 / 2 week Tahiti Cruise
A Society Islands, Tuamotus Atolls & Marquesas Islands Cruise. My #1 recommendation – the ultimate trip to Bora Bora & the remote outer islands & atolls of Tahiti. Time & budget permitting, of course.

Option B / Nov 3-10 / 1 week Tahiti Cruise
A Society Islands Cruise plus optional pre/post island stays in overwater bungalows.

Current Promotion:
a) Group Rates with 60% discount on the cruise portion
b) $100 On Board Credit per person valid now thru 12/15
c) $250 Reduced Deposit per person valid now thru 12/15

image courtesy of PGC

Q: What if we can’t travel on the group dates?
A: Option C / alternate individual dates / contact me directly
The current individual promotion is a 50% discount on the cruise.
The On Board Credit + Reduced Deposit will both apply thru 12/15.

image courtesy of PGC

Offering You the World

Cynthia from Abercrombie & Kent took us on a whirlwind 30 minute slideshow around the globe with the advantages of group pricing & more. A&K offers upscale international travel for small groups as well as individuals. I was ready to say “yes” & pack a bag! So, what’s your dream destination for 2018? I can make it happen!
Contact me for details

Current Promotion:
a) $250 discount per person now valid thru 12/15
b) 40% discount on custom individual getaways

Tanzania; Kili Climb Day Four, image courtesy of A&K

The Gift of Travel
Q: Do you have any travel deals we can pass along to friends?
Q: Got any quick & easy getaways? for a few days with short flights?
Q: I want to surprise someone. Can you arrange a getaway as a gift?
Q: It’s an expensive trip. Can we make payments over time?
Q: Our friends just got engaged. Do you have a gift registry?

A: Yes, indeed. If you are working with me, I can save you time, money & stress.
• I work with ALL major travel companies & cruise lines through my networks.
• I have access to other promotions, groups & bonuses available all the time.
• I have an office full of glossy travel info – travel guides, maps, DVDs, brochures & referral gifts!
I can mail them to you or email itinerary & pricing to you quickly & easily as well.
• I can put together a destination portfolio for you to present as a surprise gift.
• If you have enough lead time, I can set up a convenient payment plan.
• Yes, I have options for a honeymoon registry for trip components.

South Pacific: Tahiti, Fiji, Cook Islands, New Zealand & Australia

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs.

MIA or Where’s Jacintha?

Aussie Specialist Convention, Melbourne Australia, June 2015

Q: “Jacintha, Why did you stop traveling with the groups? We miss you!”
A: Well, there are several reasons.
1) I travel with a purpose. When I first launched the Wellness Retreats years ago, I did accompany the groups to make sure everything went smoothly for all the first time participants. I also traveled with the 10th & 15th Anniversary cruise groups since I had a specific function as the group leader & coordinator.

2) I cannot travel whenever/wherever I want. Essentially, I have a desk job, not a traveling job per se. The getaways are arranged for you, not me. While it is not financially feasible for me to travel with individuals or a small number of people, I can occasionally join a larger group.

3) There is no free travel. I have an annual budget & I pay for my business (& vacation) travel. I usually go on 1-2 business trips a year. I have to make tough decisions within the constraints of time & money the same way you do.

I realized at the event last month, that I’ve missed seeing you all too! My intention is to start traveling with the groups again in 2018. I would like to go on one of the Fall 2018 Tahiti cruises. It will be contingent on the numbers.

An Open Invitation

image courtesy of Starbucks

Let’s talk travel! If you were unable to attend the Nov 12 event, let me know if you’d like to meet over a holiday beverage or perhaps lunch. If you are outside the local area, give me a quick call. I’d love to chat with you. Of course, you can always email me too. Whatever works best for you!

Holiday Hours
My office will be closed December 25 & 26 and January 1.
Q: Where does Santa go after the holidays?
A: On an Island Getaway, of course!

Jacintha Perera
Tahiti Tiare Specialist & Master Cruise Counsellor
CEO, Chief Experience Officer, Island Getaways
916.897.9597 Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm

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