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Day 5: All That Glitters May 18

“All that glitters is not gold” except in the Dubai Gold Souq (or souk) where it is regulated and offered to you at the lowest prices in the world from over 300 jewellers.

Dubai has an open port policy, without any sales taxes, making prices very competitive. As a trading hub, “Do-Buy”  has traditional Arabic marketplaces or souqs selling a lengthy list of goods.  Use your best haggling skills to purchase hand-crafted items from neighboring countries – Persian rugs from Iran, silver from Oman, antique art from Syria and even modern abstract artwork from Iraq. In addition to copper and bronze, silks and textiles, spices and perfumes, you can also shop for designer fashion and imported electronics in any one of over 40 modern shopping malls. The Dubai Mall has over 1,000 stores and is known for having the world’s largest aquarium while the Emirates Mall has an indoor ski slope.

If you’d like a more personalized experience, you can even arrange for a 3-4 hour private shopping tour.

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