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Do the Soccer-ena! Jan 31
APTA 2009 National Forum in Phoenix, Arizona

APTA 2009 National Forum

Some of you are aware that I am a member of  APTA, the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa. The Sacramanto Chapter of APTA is sponsoring this year’s annual National Forum in our city this June 10-12.

Do the Soccer-ena! Our sports version of the macarena was locally choregraphed by  fellow member Chelsea Nilsen. Check out YOURS TRULY (long hair flying) in the front row left  in the winning APTA  chapter Diski Dance video to promote the 2010 World Cup Soccer Tournment in South Africa.

As the winners of the contest, the Sacramento APTA chapter will receive a cash award donation from the South African Tourist Board and the National APTA chapter to benefit many in Africa through Kiva projects.

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