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theseagoddess1Jacintha Perera is the owner and founder of Island Getaways, an award-winning specialty tour company based in Sacramento, California.  She started the company in 1997 which now consists of three divisions that offer themed, special interest adventures, voyages and retreats.

Her Sea Goddess Virtual Tours travel blog offer previews of destinations and custom-designed tours through her personal travel photography and commentary.

Originally from Oahu, Hawaii, Jacintha moved to the U.S. mainland to attend college and  is “taking the long way home”.  With her sense of curiosity and a camera, her inherent wanderlust has taken her to different parts of the world including 10 years spent living overseas on 3 different continents.

Jacintha has been traveling to the South Pacific regularly for over 10 years and holds several specialist credentials for this geographic area: Tahiti Tiare Specialist, Fiji Matai Specialist, Cook Islands Specialist, New Zealand Kiwi Specialist and Australia Aussie Specialist.

She has also visited islands in other parts of the world (partial list): Caribbean (numerous), Mediterranean (Corsica, Sardina, Malta), Atlantic (Canary Islands, Falklands), South China Seas/Southeast Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Phuket, Koh Samui, Bali). With over 20 years of worldwide cruising experience, she is also an Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC) and a Master cruise Counsellor (MCC).

Using her expertise and experience, she has custom-designed itineraries for individuals and groups based on their interests, needs and desires. Believing very strongly that travelers should make the most of  their valuable vacation time and money, she has assisted her clients to create their own memorable experiences in some of her favorite places with some of her favorite people.

There’s an entire world to explore.
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Contact information:
local: 916-392-1520
toll free: 866-345-ISLE

2009 Archived Virtual Tours
July – Tahiti  Part I / Society Islands
August – Tahiti Part II / Tuamotus Atolls
September – Australia Part I / Sydney & Cairns
October – Thailand Virtual Tour
November – Kenya Virtual Tour
December – Wellness Retreats at Canyon Ranch

2010 Archived Virtual Tours
January –  Highlights of 2009
February – Fiji Virtual Tour / Vanua Levu