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FAQ #12: Share the Journey Aug 13

Q: Can you help me find a travel companion?

A: I do maintain a Will Share List for each group getaway and introduce same sex singles to each other with mutual permission from both parties. I recommend they chat or meet in person to gauge compatibility before they agree to room togther.

A few companies will place solo travelers together in shared accommodations. I caution my clients NOT to to do as you will be occupying close quarters with a  complete stranger.  You could potentially make a friend for life or find yourself in a very stressful situation.

At the moment,  a few select travel companies are offering single accommodations based on availabilty at no additonal cost or a very small (10%-25% ) additional charge.

Cross Island Mountain Trek, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

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FAQ #11: Party of One Aug 09

Q: Why are single travelers penalized?

A: This is actually a misconception. Hotel room and ship cabins are priced based on double occupancy. The total cost is divided and shared by two people. A solo traveler has to pay the entire amount. This is sometimes referred to as a single supplement which sounds like a surcharge. In fact, it is simple mathematics – either way the cost of the accommodations has to be paid, whether by one person or two.

Unless the traveler wants the luxury of single accommodations, which is often the case with personal retreats, I suggest that they invite a friend to join them. This way both can enjoy the trip components and the cost saving benefits.


Koala Conservation Center, Victoria, Australia

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FAQ #10: The Clearance Rack Aug 06
Q: Do you ever have any great last minute deals?
A: A quick reminder that travel promotions and group space/rates are time senstive and do expire. Contrary to popular belief, there are NO great last minute deals. Generally, you will be shopping the clearance rack for the least desirable leftovers.
Remember that the BEST VALUE is about more than bottom line price. I seek 1) the highest quality products that 2) match my clients’ interests and needs at 3) the best available prices .
My best advice is to plan well ahead for the best advance discounts and best selection.

One Foot Island, the Cook Islands

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FAQ #9: Savvy Shopper Aug 04

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: YES, everything is offered at the best available price at the time. I’m very savvy about pricing for high quality  travel products. However, keep in mind that prices do change and space does sell out. The only time you should be paying full price is if it is the last minute after all sale prices have expired.

There are many types of discounts: promotional, seasonal, group rates to name a few.  Advance GROUP RATES are among the best available. They offer low rates based on high volume.

Bonuses or amenities may include: bon voyage or welcome gifts; room/cabin upgrades; complimentary meals or nights; resort or shipboard credits; reduced or free air included with a resort stay or cruise vacation. These all constitute VALUE ADDED components that enhance your trip.

 I also have access to great rates and amenities through a national travel network that has significant buying power. And I am happy to pass these benefits along to my clients.

marae site, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, Tahiti

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