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Day 5: The Art of the Bath Feb 10

You will discover the rooms have something a little extra. There is a large, deep bathtub on each terrace or balcony along with a daybed.  Request that the Housekeeping Department prepare an in-room service – one of their unique Cleopatra Bath Rituals – for you while you are out at dinner.

Cleopatra Tub

Cleopatra Tub on Terrace

Return to scented oil, soft candlelight, a soothing cd playing. A heavy canvas curtain has been drawn and secured for privacy. Slip into the warm water infused with coconunt oil, coconut milk, vanilla, honey and sprinkled with flower petals. Thick towels, a comfy robe and slippers await you along with water simmering for your chai tea.

It is a luxurious way to end your day and slide into sweet dreams. Cost a mere FJ$60, approximately US$30.

The Essence of Love version for couples includes fresh tropical fruits and a bottle of French champagne. Very reasonable at FJ$110, or US$ 55.

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