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Highlights of 2009: Khao Sok, Thailand Jan 22

This an excerpt from the Thailand Virtual Tour.
See Archives October 2009 for the entire tour.

Day 22: Elephant Trek
“It’s time to saddle up but it ain’t no Arizona dude ranch and this ain’t no pony ride”.

 It’s a bit tricky to climb onto a full size elephant. Fortunately, they have constructed a platform at just the right height so you can step across and settle into the howdah or chair fairly easily.

Thailand T2 FAM 467

Helen, Elehant Hills



Then, you just have to hang on because it’s a wobbly ride. Taking photographs was challenging with the natural swaying motion from side to side and an occasional detour off the path for an elephant snack.

I’m going to let you enjoy the view as we trek through the jungle.

group #4, Elephant Hills

 Thailand T2 FAM 484

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