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Day 19: Hello Kitty Nov 23

2007_1107Kenya0209Wildlife photographer, Lisa Asch and wildlife artist, Peter Blackwell, both long time friends of professional hunter and filmmaker Alex Walker, radioed our driver with the location of a family of cheetahs.


Our driver was very skilled at knowing how to get just close enough to staidfy the humans but not too close to disturb the wildlife. Time always seemed to stand still when we were observing wildlife. We could just sit there for hours. But another driver called to respectfully request a turn for his guests and we quietly retreated, grateful for the rare opportunity.

We did pass other safari vehicles from the numerous other camps in the  Masai Mara but we never felt crowded. In some national parks in Africa, animals get completely surounded by vehicles, including mini buses and I have even heard, full size buses. We didn’t see this type of mass tourism and frankly, it would have ruined the experience.


Our driver/guide had tried for two days to find a leopard but it proved elusive on this trip as did the rhino. I would just have to come back.

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