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Day 18: Big Cat Country Nov 21

2007_1107Kenya0246We sat perfectly still. Not a sound except for the clicking of cameras. We all held our breath as the loiness loped casually in our direction. She walked from right to left directly in front of our 4×4 vehicle.


I had a sudden random thought.  We were only a few feet away. I wondered if she eaten recently or if she would suddenly leap at one of us. A single quick graceful pounce is all it would have required.
Fortunately, we were together in a group, not out here solo. Safety in numbers, I like to think.


She continued on her way, not taking any interest in us. We remembered to breathe again.

Our driver knew the location of 2 lionesses with several young cubs. We sat only yards away watching these energetic little bundles of fur playfully tumbling over rocks, each other and their mothers for well over an hour. Another delightful surprise. We reluctantly left when the light was completely lost.


Do you see one mother sitting behind the rocks?
Hint: look for the back of her head between the cubs.

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