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Day 1: The Blue Lagoon Aug 03

Our adventure continues . . .

In the very heart of French Polynesia, between the high-peaked volcanic Society Islands and Marquesas Islands lies the giant arc of  Tuamotu Atolls.

Photo Courtesy of Tahiti Tourism

Photo Courtesy of Tahiti Tourism

Atolls are created as the coral reefs surrounding an island rise just as it sinks. Over time, as the land gradually vanishes beneath the surface of the sea, a donut-like atoll remains around the lagoon.

This is the place to indulge in a desert island fantasy.

Breathtakingly beautiful. Remote. Uncrowded. Quiet. My kind of place.

These far-flung specks of coral that form the largest Polynesian archipelago are also known as the Dangerous Archipelago. Here around low-lying islands, razor-sharp reefs are littered with wrecks. In fact, Thor Heyerdahl’s famous rafting expedition on the Kon Tiki, was a casualty here on the Raroia reef.

Pictured above is Rangiroa’s Blue Lagoon. We will perform a closer inspection tomorrow.

For more information, contact:
Jacintha Perera, Tahiti Tiare Specialist
(916) 897-9597


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