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Day 23: A Strand of Pearls Jul 31

The Pearl Resorts of French Polynesia are laid across the Society Islands, Tuamotus Atolls and the Marquesas Islands like a strand of pearls. I will take you to the latter two collections as this tour progresses there next month.

bb-pearl-outdoor-bathrmThe Bora Bora Pearl Resort has two outstanding features. As a truly polynesian style resort, it has garden and beach bungalow suites that are a unique alternative to the classic overwater bungalows and villas.


bb-pearl-outdoor-ctyardThese units have interior bedrooms with outdoor bathrooms incorporating  natural materials: palm, bamboo, driftwood, coral and shells. The bathroom area is open to the air but enclosed for privacy within a private garden courtyard. Some have a small plunge pool or jacuzzi. The garden units are set in a lush tropical setting while the beach suites front onto the beach with views of Mt. Otemanu. I prefer these to the overwater bungalows at this location.

As an aside, for some unexplained reason, there is a 18 hole miniature golf course in the gardens for guest use. I noticed this as I walking back to the the spa. Quite amusing. I haven’t seen this at any other resort in Tahiti.

The Manea Spa at the Bora Bora Pearl is one of the finest here. I will just give you a quick sneak peek for the time being.


The resort also offers a weekly yoga class and more extensive one week 6-session workshops offered as scheduled. Classes last approximately an hour with mats and props provided.  The emphasis is on basic yoga poses for stretching and relaxation. There’s nothing quite like yoga on the beach!

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