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Day 22: Deep Ocean Spa Jul 30

bb-thalasso-view-otemanu-1The Bora Bora Inter-Continental Thalasso Resort has taken things to another level. It was designed in  a very hip, contemporary style with public areas (restaurants, bars, pool) deliberately facing Otemanu. The beautifully appointed spacious 3 room villas perched over the lagoon waters all have stunning views of the main island and lagoon as well.

This is the first hotel in the world to have cold deep ocean water pumped up to the surface to air condition the entire facility. Not only is this cutting edge in terms of technology but it is also environmentally friendly at the same time. This is the same source for the water that is used in the Thalasso spa treatments at the elite Deep Ocean Spa, the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

bb-thalasso-4Thalassotherapy treatments are based on the benefits of sea water and marine elements. The marine climate, seawater, marine mud and seaweed are all employed for their preventative and curative properties.  Water drawn from the depths of the Pacific Ocean is particularly rich in minerals and trace elements. It is heated to near body temperature so essential nutrients can be absorbed by the body.


This world class destination spa offers an extensive menu of treatments, a veritable ocean of well-being. I would begin with the special jet lag massage and go from there. Hmm, the foot reflexology sounds good too.

Excuse me while I slip into a spa robe. See you in the tea lounge later.

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