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Day 21: Catch of the Day Jul 29

jp-at-bloody-marysContinuing our fish theme, tonight we boat transfer over to the mainland and visit one of the most famous restaurants in French Polynesia.
Bloody Mary’s is a not-to-be-missed institution on Bora Bora. Take a moment to read the wooden signs on either side of the entrance listing the names of famous people from all over the world who have dined here.

bloody-marys-bar-1As you will step under the thatched roof, you will be entering a polynesian fantasy world. Take off your shoes, place them in the conveniently located cubbies and feel the sand floor under your feet. Just inside you will see coconut-tree stump bar stools and the dining area beyond.



bloody-marys-menu-selectionFresh seafood is brought in daily by local fishermen. A  hostess will show you everything that is available from an iced display. You may choose fish, lobster, even steak or chicken for the chefs to prepare on the grill. Enjoy a tropical cocktail as you wait for your meal to be delivered to your table.
You will get very relaxed. Just keep track of how many drinks you have or you may not be able to find your sandals at the end of the evening.
Good thing there’s a designated boat driver to get you back to your resort!

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