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Day 20: Shark Bait Jul 28

For those of you who seek an activity that is a little more edgy and exciting, I suggest a shark feeding excursion.

catch-of-the-dayEarlier, Captain Arii had attracted small black tip sharks within the reef area.  These are a smaller, less aggressive type of shark that generally avoid human contact.

Here, he looks on as swimmers float on the surface and view sharks on the lagoon bottom. Catch of the day takes on  a whole new meaning!

 My underwater photography skills are non-existent. I have neither the specialized equipment nor the technical know-how. My disposable waterproof camera produced murky blue-green impressionist images that only I would recognize. Normally, my camera is an extension of my right arm. This is a time to leave it behind and be fully present. Just float, breathe, and observe.


There is some controversy surrounding the way this activity is conducted by some operators. Some tours take participants into the water and hold them at a distance before bait is thrown out, causing a feeding frenzy. Animals in the wild are unpredictable and they probably haven’t read the script. I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for shark bait.

When I am selecting soft adventure activities, I consider interest level, fitness level and safety. I don’t believe in forced fun or undue risk. With me, there is never any pressure to exceed your comfort zone. Overall, it must be enjoyable and memorable, not extreme or dangerous.

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