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Day 18: Hail, Otemanu Jul 24

bb-thalasso-view-otemanu-2Most of the major resorts are located on the prime real estate – the islets surrounding the actual island – and therefore have the best views of the island itself from different vanatge points. Two towering volcanic peaks dominate the skyline. Here, you can see Mount Otemanu from the Bora Bora Inter-Continental Thalasso Resort.

Life will center around your resort as your home base for your stay. So, once again, location is very, very important. Your choice will definitely color your experience.

I recommend that you get some expert advice on this. Your vacation time and money are very valuable. You need to maximize both based on your needs and desires, without obliterating your budget, to have a truly extraordinary experience.

Transfers are included for all off-site activities. Some local restaurants will provide transfers for guests with confirmed reservations. Some resorts will also offer a shuttle service to the village. When you are in Vaitape, the central hub of the island, you may do a little shopping. Or rent a vehicle to circle the island on the coastal road. For history or archaeology buffs, there are marae and WWII relics to explore along the way.

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