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Day 16: Taking Flight Jul 23

air-tahiti-3Airports on the outer islands range from small open-air buildings next to a runway to even smaller open-air pavillions next to a landing strip. Operations tend to be very informal.

You walk up to the counter and hand over your ticket and passport. They weigh your luggage and then they weigh YOU. It’s important that the pilots know the total weight of passengers, luggage and inter-island cargo on these smaller aircraft. There is no security line, no metal detectors, no need to remove clothing. You have probably shown up in a tee shirt and shorts or a sundress and flip flops.

After the plane arrives and unloads, they allow you to walk out on the tarmac and climb the stairs. You can see airline personnel placing your bags on board.

You may take any empty seat. Trust me, snag a window seat on the left side, if possible. You really don’t want to miss the spectacular view from the air as we approach Bora Bora, one of the most famous islands in the world!

Inter-island flights are usually short and scenic. Today, it will be less than an hour from Moorea to Bora Bora.

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