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Day 15: Homeward Bound Jul 21
Lone Surfer at Dusk

Lone Surfer at Dusk

Each day I was on the magical island of Moorea in Tahiti’s Society Islands, I followed an afternoon ritual of sitting outside watching Mother Nature display a light show over sea and land at dusk. The sky would gradually turn from pale blue to shades of lavender then finally the inky shades of night. One evening, I spied a lone surfer gliding home toward the shore as darkness began to drape itself around the island. I was reminded that there comes that time when you have to go home.

This would be the ending point for a one week trip to Tahiti and Moorea. As a collections of snapshots and snippets of information, this virtual tour is intended to be more of a preview than a substitute for real first-hand experience of being in these lovely islands.

Travel is very personal and subjective. For a short time, you become part of the fabric of the location. And there is also an inner journey that parallels the outer experiences.

The itinerary we have followed approximates my custom-designed Tahiti Adventure Getaway. If you would like more details or to join me on the next one, the direct link is

But don’t worry, we’re not leaving these idyllic islands just yet. I can’t resist taking you out to Bora Bora – very briefly – before we venture out even farther to the Tuamotus Atolls and the Marquesas Islands.

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