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If you answer “yes” to the following questions, Island Getaways may be the right company for you!

Do you have sense of adventure and curiosity? Are you a discriminating, sophisticated traveler? Do you seek unique travel experiences with expert advice & support?

Spending hours researching travel options? Frustrated by the online information overload? Unsure about what you are really getting? Not a good or enjoyable use of your time?

High Touch
Rediscover the fine art of travel on our customized adventures, voyages & retreats featuring personalized recommendations, upscale travel products, streamlined arrangements & concierge-level service in dream destinations!

Island Girl
I am the Island Girl at the heart of Island Getaways. And I am an island girl in every sense of the word. I was born on a tropical island & I expect to end up on one. In the meantime, I have lived on, visited & explored islands all over the world – in the Pacific & Atlantic Oceans, the Caribbean, Mediterranean & South China Seas.

fresh coconut in Papeete, Tahiti

Far & Wide
In my lifetime,  I have visited over 60 countries on every continent, except Antarctica – some of them several times! I have lived overseas for 10 years:  in Europe (6 yrs), Asia (3 yrs) & Africa (1 yr) traveling in those regions as well.

on the island of Moorea, Tahiti

Breadth & Depth
Breadth alone does not make an expert. That requires a depth of experience acquired over time.
I traveled in Pacific-Asia over 20 times in the last 20 years gaining expertise & connections.
I have sailed all over the world in the last 25+ years on cruises of all sizes & types.

on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia

I have a personal interest in heritage hotels worldwide & simply love rail travel!
I have traveled on special occasions, on themed travel and for special events.

traveling by train through the Canadian Rockies

Island Getaways is an award-winning boutique travel company based in Elk Grove, California.

I started the company in 1997 offering customized travel arrangements because one size does NOT fit all in travel! I believed there needed to be alternatives to generic, pre-packaged travel – the proverbial “whirlwind tour”. It now consists of three divisions that offer themed, special interest adventures, voyages and retreats for individuals & groups.

Areas of Expertise
Cruise Travel – Accredited (ACC) & Master Cruise Counsellor (MCC)

sailing on a Hawaiian Islands Cruise

Pacific – Hawaii Akamai, Tahiti Tiare, Fiji Matai & Cook Islands Specialist;

on location with Fijian Warriors

New Zealand Gold Kiwi & Australia Aussie Specialist

at Hobbiton, North Island, New Zealand

Asia – Bali, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore Specialist, Thailand Golden Agent

on the island of the Gods, Bali, Indonesia

Africa – Egypt & Morocco Specialist, Kenya Master KATS, Tanzania,
South Africa Fundi Specialist

on Safari in Kenya, East Africa

Family Travel – Disney Specialist, Graduate Specialist & Master Specialist

Mickey & Me at the Graduation Ceremony

Professional Organizations
affiliated with OASIS, a member of the Signature Travel Network
a member of CLIA – Cruise Lines International Association
a member of APTA – Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa

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